Neon Refections, Las Vegas .


With more than 15 years of hands-on experience, I deliver quality, creative programming to spaces big and small. My track record includes proven success in cultural institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, non- profits, mom-and-pop shops, and live events in the field. From educational and historical curated content to art project conceptualization and management, my career is rooted in telling authentic and accessible stories.


• Strategic Thinking
• Content Development
• Project Management
• Team Leadership
• PR /Communications
• Video Production
• Final Cut Pro
• Graphic Design
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Exhibit Design +Fabrication
• Techical Coordination
• Woodworking
• Metalwork
• Historical Research
• Budget Management


Campaign Poster

Let’s tell stories.

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Green Means Go

Salvaged Neon and Upcycled Perforated Sheet Metal

Flamingo and Paradise

Salvaged Neon

Melts in Your Mouth

Salvaged Neon

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