The Ball Pit: United Story Interaction at #PXSTL


Ball Pit
Click the screen grab to view Nine Network’s STAY TUNED STL story featuring the ball pit.

On June 21st, Catalysts by Design hosted United Story: Interaction at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation’s PXSTL Pavilion. Over 80 individuals gathered and engaged in an afternoon of interactive storytelling. United Story teamed up with storytellers, story-makers, and story-based groups across the city to cultivate both traditional and innovative ways to share stories about the way we engage.

The afternoon featured a slew of story-themed activities ranging from hanging stories to crafts, photography, and more. The highlight of the afternoon came in the form of the United Story ball pit. The pit encouraged friends and strangers to dive into a hand crafted wooden container filled with balls printed with conversational prompts. The prompts ranged in topic from hard hitting social questions about the effects of gentrification to softer lobs designed to elicit warm fuzzy feelings. By the time I emerged from the multicolored spherical filled field-trip I felt enlightened and engaged. The ball pit may prove to be the perfect way to recharge faith in humanity and sharpen your social skills.

*Disclaimer I did not have a hand in creating this event, I was merely an engaged, satisfied and grateful participant. That being said- I may replace my couch with a ball pit. 



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