Old World Snacks for the Train Trip to Chicago


Train travel is one of my all time favorite ways to get from point A. to point B. ( thanks, middle school algebra). One of the best parts of the trip is deciding what types of edibles to bring along to nibble upon while en-route. This particular journey to Chicago called for pumpkin seeds, smoked kielbasa ( I love stinking up the train car with the smell of Eastern European smoked meats), hard boiled eggs (laid fresh from a very talented South City St. Louis chicken), Afghani flatbread, a hunk of pepperjack cheese, butter and mustard. Alllllllllll abord!

Conquer the World: One Plate at a Time

Conquer the World: One Plate at a Time poster created to promote dietary health and diversity… and also to further my study and obsession with 1930s-1940s Works Progress Administration style design.

Get Outta Town!: September, 2011 trip to Southern California (Vintage California Plate)

Part of what I like to call the “Steve Siwinski Travel Series.” Each time I leave Jefferson City, I create a graphic to celebrate. This image chronicles my September, 2011 trip to Southern California. The plate is inspired by vintage California State license plates.

Great Missouri Treasure Hunt: Wilson’s Creek Civil War Battlefield Collection

This video features Alana Inman, Missouri State Archives Principal Assistant for Boards and Commissions as she shares her favorite images from the Wilson’s Creek Collection as part of the Great Missouri Treasure Hunt.