Bare Knuckle Roasting Co. Logo and Branding




Logo and branding design for Bare Knuckle Roasting Company, a small batch coffee roasting startup based in Jefferson City, Mo. Design inspired by 1920s art deco style packaging and the classic image of a bare knuckle boxer and his perfectly groomed facial hair. Bare Knuckle Roasting Company is currently offering some amazingly complex and delicious limited roasts including: Colombia Agua Blanca- light roast, Guatemala Antigua Yellow- light/medium roast, and Decaf Colombia Popayan-medium/dark roast. Looking forward to seeing what Bare Knuckle BREWS up in the future!

Arts and Education Council of St. Louis 50 Year Timeline


Timeline designed to celebrate the Arts and Education Council’s 50th Anniversary featuring highlights from the arts in St. Louis from the past 50 years. Since 1963, A&E has raised over $100 million in support of arts and arts education organizations. The banner above is due to travel to selected arts institutions throughout the St. Louis region in 2013. Poster sized copies of the timeline were printed and gifted as keepsake momentos to select donors durring the 2013 St. Louis Arts Awards.

Arts and Education 2013 Council St. Louis Campaign Resources

Arts and Education 2013 Council St. Louis Campaign Resources
Arts and Education 2013 Council St. Louis Campaign Resources

Resources designed and printed for the Arts and Education Council of St. Louis‘ 2013 workplace giving campaign. Posters, mugs, tote bags, pamphlets and stickers were distributed to over 100 St. Louis area businesses and educational institutions.