Old World Snacks for the Train Trip to Chicago


Train travel is one of my all time favorite ways to get from point A. to point B. ( thanks, middle school algebra). One of the best parts of the trip is deciding what types of edibles to bring along to nibble upon while en-route. This particular journey to Chicago called for pumpkin seeds, smoked kielbasa ( I love stinking up the train car with the smell of Eastern European smoked meats), hard boiled eggs (laid fresh from a very talented South City St. Louis chicken), Afghani flatbread, a hunk of pepperjack cheese, butter and mustard. Alllllllllll abord!

Locally Grown Literature



Fundraising design and event coordination for St. Louis independent bookstore, the Book House, featuring more than 2o “locally grown” authors in support of the construction of the book store’s new location.

In keeping with the “locally grown” theme the event also features local beer samplings from Schlafly Brewery and silent auction items from area businesses.

South City Breakfast


This is what breakfast looks like in South City, STL.  Thanks to my proximity to Tower Grove Farmer’s Market, this mornings breakfast was made up of farm fresh eggs, ridiculously crisp spiced dill pickles and old world style bagels from Black Bear Bakery… all enjoyed from my breezy back porch.

(Not pictured Kuva Iced Coffee)

Bare Knuckle Roasting Co. Logo and Branding




Logo and branding design for Bare Knuckle Roasting Company, a small batch coffee roasting startup based in Jefferson City, Mo. Design inspired by 1920s art deco style packaging and the classic image of a bare knuckle boxer and his perfectly groomed facial hair. Bare Knuckle Roasting Company is currently offering some amazingly complex and delicious limited roasts including: Colombia Agua Blanca- light roast, Guatemala Antigua Yellow- light/medium roast, and Decaf Colombia Popayan-medium/dark roast. Looking forward to seeing what Bare Knuckle BREWS up in the future!

Red vs. White

Is there a better representation of democracy? This election season take the time to vote with your tastebuds and visit Capitol City Cork to catch the 2012 Presidential Debates and watch election returns. Finalized artwork was used to promote election themed watch parties via social media and print mediums.

Red vs. White
Red vs. White